IMMUTRAIN – Training Network for the Immunotherapy of Cancer

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Funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, H2020

As a result of expanding efforts to improve cancer therapy, a main paradigm change has occurred by targeting the immune system, not the tumor itself. "Science" highlighted immunotherapy of cancer as "breakthrough of the year 2013". Antibody-based therapies form an integral and constantly growing part of this approach leading towards individualised medicine. These therapies will strongly influence the coming decade of cancer care.
The training network for the immunotherapy of cancer (IMMUTRAIN), received 3,6 Mio.€ for four years from the European Union in order to perform cutting-edge research in this field and to respond to the increasing demand for well-trained and skilled researchers. The network is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Stefan Endres and PD Dr. Sebastian Kobold from the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. IMMUTRAIN will bring together experts of nine European countries in the fields of monoclonal antibodies, dendritic cells, T-cells and immunomodulatory nucleic acids. The network also offers a considerable industrial involvement to train the next generation of scientists from different perspectives and give insights in different research environments.
Young researchers recruited by IMMUTRAIN will benefit from a network comprising nine academic research groups and five industrial partners. The network will actively create synergies between those sectors by forming and promoting young researchers to match the challenges of immunotherapies.

Training programme and scientific projects

The overall scientific objective of IMMUTRAIN is to enhance the efficacy of antibody-based therapies through combination with other immunotherapeutic approaches. Each early stage researcher (ESR) will be appointed for a scientific project by a partner of the network (host institution) and supervised by one or more senior scientists (PI). Each project is part of one of the four scientific work  packages of IMMUTRAIN.

Work Package Topics

IMMUTRAIN’s training objectives are: 1) To give an extensive overview of immunologic combination partners for antibodies. 2) To teach how to develop new therapies (target validation, drug discovery and development). 3) To provide a broad methodological know-how in the field of immunotherapy. 4) To provide transferable skills. 5) To give an insight into the respective chances and challenges of the academic and industrial sectors. 6) To provide academic and industry contacts for later cooperations and/or employment.


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